Heath and well-being in contexts of intimate relationships

My research has examined how intimate relationships affect an array of individual emotional, mental health, and health behaviors, and how these behaviors, in turn, affect the individual’s intimate relationships. I have addressed these dynamic and reciprocal linkages in relationships across the life course and across a wide range of behavioral domains (for example, coping styles, Papp & Witt, 2010; substance use, Papp, 2010; and social networking, Papp,Danielewicz, & Cayemberg, 2012).

One recent study (Papp & Blumenstock, 2016) collected young adults’ assessments of momentary affect, sexual experiences, prescription drug misuse, and alcohol and other drug use, and identified links between prescription misuse and problematic emotional and behavioral correlates. Additional analyses have explored personal and relational characteristics as predictors of engaging in prescription drug misuse in daily life.

Inspired by the births of my daughters, Veronica and Margaret, I have become interested in understanding the role of breastfeeding in couple and family relationships. Drawing from the NICHD Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development, I found that breastfeeding predicted increases in mothers’ (but not fathers’) trajectories of marriage relationship quality assessed across 15 years (Papp, 2012). Considered together, these recent studies point to intricate ties between intimate relationships and individuals’ risky and health-promoting behaviors.

Representative Publications:

Papp, L. M. (2012). The longitudinal role of breastfeeding in mothers’ and fathers’ relationship quality trajectories. Breastfeeding Medicine, 7, 241-247.

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