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Lauren M. Papp, Ph.D.

Lauren-Papp_webI received a Ph.D. in developmental and counseling psychology from the University of Notre Dame, where I studied family relationship quality, particularly marital conflict, as a key context for the well being of parents and children. I also earned a minor in quantitative psychology for advanced study in applying multilevel modeling to dyadic, family, and diary data. My research program seeks to understand intimate relationships as a central context for the well being and development of individuals.

An emergent line of work tests the interplay between relational functioning and an array of health behaviors, such as substance use. Another area of investigation documents within-couple and within-family linkages across multiple domains, including spouses’ conflict emotions and family members’ cortisol synchrony. Finally, I have conducted a series of studies concerning the topography of marital conflict in the home and ensuing implications for couples, families, and children. From 2013-2015, I held a Vilas Associate Award from UW-Madison’s Graduate School.

At UW-Madison, I serve as a member on the Social Studies Divisional Committee and as chair of the Advisory Committee to the Office of the Dean of Students. I teach courses on couple relationships, family stress & coping, and research methods, and supervise undergraduate and graduate research assistants in the UW-Madison Couples Lab.

Born and raised in Chicago, I currently live in Middleton, Wisconsin, with my husband Paul and our three daughters.

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It would be nearly impossible to overstate the important role our close relationships hold across the lifespan. Broadly, my research focuses on intimate and family relationships as developmental contexts for health and well-being. I look within-couples and within-families to understand the dynamic, reciprocal nature of relationships and their multi-faceted influences on partners, parents, and children. Across studies, I employ multiple methodologies and quantitative analysis for modeling data collected from interdependent partners and family members, often over time in short- and long-term repeated measurements designs. Additional description of my recent research is available below. 

Focus areas include:

A complete list of publications is available on Google Scholar.


Lauren M. Papp
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