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A Study of Daily Behavior and Health in College Life

Enrollment goals have been reached!

Thank you for your interest in the UWellness Study. This study is closed to enrollment and no longer recruiting prospective participants.

Our initial Publications from the UWellness Study can be found here.

If you are a current UWellness Study participant, we will contact you before sending your follow-up surveys. If you need to contact the lab for any reason, please email uwellness@sohe.wisc.edu or call 608-263-2351.

General questions about the research should be directed to Professor Lauren M. Papp at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Email: papp@wisc.edu | tel: 608-262-8611

Principal Investigator:

Lauren M. Papp, Ph.D. - 608.262.8611 - papp@wisc.edu